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As the only inclusive dance specialist Company in West Kent, we have a core team of dancers who have been with us from the outset.  We, as a Company, have grown alongside our dancers and are nurturing their unique talents and skills.


The dancers in “This Is Us Dance Company” have shown true commitment and passion for inclusive practice and are ready to take their skills to the next level. 


The This Is Us Dance Company train weekly as a group and is made up of 4 gifted and talented inclusive dance artists.  This group focus more on dance technique, choreography and building a rapport to creatively support one another through social experiences and opportunities. This company act as an inspiration to both our Youth and Junior groups, as something to aspire to. However, this company is designed to work at a high and semi-professional level.  *Dancers will only be invited to join THE dance company, when we feel they are ready to be pushed further with their dancing abilities and graduate from the youth company. 

Semi-professional inclusive dance level
Training in inclusive dance weekly
Gifted and Talent dancers
The only Inclusive Dance Specialist Company in West Kent

This Company class takes place at The Camden Centre in Tunbridge Wells on Tuesday evenings. Our dancers are focusing on creating new work for performances, training to assist with our inclusive dance workshops, teacher training and talks; as well as becoming advocates for the inclusive industry!


If you would like This Is Us Dance Company to perform or deliver a workshop/talk at your event, please do email us at

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