This Is Is Dance Company
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"At This Is Us, our mission is to give access to the arts, to provide opportunity for all to express themselves, be seen, heard and belong." [Read More]



This Is Us gives everyone access to the arts and allows them to express themselves. In doing this, everyone is able to be seen, heard and belong.


We are an inclusive company that have been based at Bishops Down Primary School for almost four years.  We run in association with Stopgap Dance Company as one of their IRIS syllabus youth groups. This is a specialised inclusive syllabus to allow our dancers to work towards an end goal as well as developing their dance and social skills.


Our inclusive class is open to anybody who loves or wants to dance and be creative. We are delighted to have formed a well established group of dancers and over time we have seen them flourish and grow from strength to strength. 

At ‘This Is Us’, we work very hard throughout each session to make sure all children are growing in confidence, independence and have the opportunity to be themselves.


See more about us by visiting the OUR COMPANY section on our website. We also have some great pictures in our GALLERY from our classes and performances. 


Our vision is to continue sharing the importance of this very resonant statement which is:


“Diversity is being invited to the party; but Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

- Verna Myers




This Is Us pride ourselves on the impact we are making within the inclusive arts. Please take a moment to have look at what people have to say about us and what we have been doing since we began almost 4 years ago.



Our Company is filled with young, excitable and creative dancers! We range from the age of 8 - 14 years. 


We are lucky enough to have an amazing team of support staff, a fantastic choreographic assistant and wonderful senior dancers who help and support the younger company members.

Earlier this year This Is Us became a Community Interest Company. Up until now we have been entirely self funded. However, with this new status we are able to look towards applying for local grants and receive business and personal donations too - these personal and business donations are key to the success and longevity of the company.

Throughout the year, This Is Us is involved in various performances