Love Where You Live Awards - FINALIST

We are so proud that our wonderful volunteer Isabel has been nominated as a finalist at the Love Where We Live Awards! This is down to her incredible supportive nature, enthusiasm and passion within dance. She is a huge inspiration to us all.

“Isabel has come full circle in being a part of This Is Us which is based at Bishops Down Primary School, where as an inclusive primary school, Isabel was a pupil!

Having pursued her passions to dance and perform with her further education, she now brings her enthusiasm and talent back to Tunbridge Wells on a weekly basis and is a wonderful role model to the young creative group. Isabel herself has Down Syndrome and has had to deal with a number of her own health issues. Sometimes she finds this difficult, but she never ever complains. She brings her beautiful smile, fluid movements and positivity to class every single week. She is a ray of sunshine and an inspiration.

Alongside her role as Choreographic Assistant; delivering warm-ups, demonstrating moves and offering feedback, Isabel is a courageous dancer and forever trying new things. She is fearless and has the most incredible talent and attitude towards developing a career in dance.

There are dancers within the company who are now taking their individual dance journey to new levels through watching the example that Isabel sets. She takes choreographic direction and then adds her Isabel personality to it. To watch Isabel lose herself in her dance movements is an absolute joy. This Is Us, are excited to be able to not only have her inspire their younger company members, but to be able to nurture the next steps in her dance career.

When the COVID 19 situation began, the This Is Us Company, as with the rest of the world, had to adapt to new ways of operating. Keeping the wonderful families active, engaged and involved in their dance community became paramount. This Is Us deliver weekly classes online through Zoom and Isabel has been teaching her moves, giving beautiful feedback to dancers and showing her joie de vivre across the screen every week. Isabel also attends 10 other Zoom activities a week!!

Isabel is such an ambassador for This Is Us and has represented her dancing peers on a recent steering committee relating to an inclusive arts event. As such, Isabel attended meetings and shared her very valid thoughts and ideas in a mature and eloquent way. It is utterly heart-warming to hear Isabel speak of her role with This Is Us, which she often describes as her “dream job”.

This Is Us are privileged to have her be such a huge part of the team.”

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