Here's to 2021!

What a year!

It was the culmination of this year that has floored everyone. What we are able to take away from this experience is how resilient our community are, how creative our community are, how supportive our community are and how caring our community are. The support of our sponsors, families, dancers and wider community has enabled us to adapt, grow and take us in such diverse directions - it has made us brave to try new things!

We want to focus on the positives - here is what 2020 has brought This Is Us:

- The delivery of outreach workshops in schools and the community

- But then, how our Company and their wonderful supportive families, adapted to online teaching

- An opportunity to reach a wider audience online with our creative task videos

- A wonderful film that evolved out of our collaboration with the BalletBoyz Youth Company

- We produced a creative activity dance book!

- Our choreographic assistant Isabel took part in a wonderful project - Empower Her Voice

- And...Isabel was chosen as a finalist in the Love Where We Live Awards 2020

- Creating a brand new piece online as part of the Stopgap Dance Company’a virtual event.

Looking forward to 2021...

- Developing the second print run of our book

- Expanding our Zoom offer to a younger cohort

- Nurturing individual pathways for our senior dancers

- Our Be You event!!

- More exciting collaborations...

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is a part of our community for all your love and support. To send you all the love for a safe and healthy Christmas time and lots of positive vibes heading into 2021.

Hannah, Jan and Peter

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