Balletboyz Youth meet This Is Us - Dance Film!

Updated: Feb 6, 2021


You can now watch the collaborative dance film between "This Is Us Dance" and "BalletBoyz Youth Company”!!

This film will have you smiling from ear to ear as you see the honest and heart felt responses from these dancers.

This Is Us and BalletBoyz Youth Company had been busy collaborating on a new piece of work. This work was commissioned by Arts Council England and set to premier as part of This Is Us Dance Company’s - Be You Festival, which is now postponed until 2021!

The two companies were able to work on ideas in their own studios in the same way that BalletBoyz Company created the stage show Them/Us; we shared choreography, creative tasks and questions.

The two groups were about to meet in person, when the decision was made to postpone the festival due to Covid-19.

BUT, let this film be a message to you, that good things can come from this current situation.

Who would have thought that This Is Us and BalletBoyz Youth Company would have a film to show from this time. We will return to the studio together and this project will continue. But, for now we couldn’t be more grateful to William Trevitt, Artistic Director of BalletBoyz, for creating this dance film!

We hope you enjoy… please do share this video and let it make you smile. https://vimeo.com/466130678

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