If you feel inspired by the work we do or you have enjoyed our online activities, please do continue to spread the word and support us. If you would like to show your support by donating to This Is Us you can do so by doing any of the following:


  • Make a one-off donation

  • Buy one of our sweatshirts

This donation will allow us to offer the highest quality sessions for our dancers and allow us to develop and offer more opportunities/classes for the community. These donations will help fund our TIU scholarships which allow dancers to access our classes. We are involved in a number of performances throughout the year too. TIU cater for all travel/transport to and from any performances and provide our dancers with uniforms and costumes. We ensure our dancers have the best access to fun activities, collaborations and opportunities throughout the year, all of which cost. Having funds in place for this ensures these activities are accessible for all! Your support will allow us to continue in this way. IF you choose to donate we will personally thank you and keep you updated with our latest news. 


If you have been following our journey and want to donate or fundraise for us, you have the option to do so through our local giving page! They gift aid every donation too. 

Maybe you have a marathon coming up, a swim-athon, dance-athon or want to put on your own fundraiser event for This Is Us. If so, you can set up a local giving page and get fundraising straight away. Please do get in touch - we would love to to help you fundraise for us. It would honestly mean so much. If you have an idea, please contact Jan and Hannah at info@thisisusdance.co.uk


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